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Ghanta Usadha

Your Healing and Beauty Treatment Experience

With a distinct focus on generating awareness about the extraordinary benefits of Bali’s age-old wellness and beauty legacy, Visesa Balinese Healing & Spa presents Ghanta Usada. This is a collection of treatments tied to Ghanta Yoga, which uses the intuitive power of touch to purify the mind and soul. There are basically five different yoga steps, one of them being a beauty therapy that stimulates certain points on the face. This process promotes cell regeneration for brighter and healthier looking skin.

We invite you to slow down and take time for some essential rejuvenation with a choice of nurturing Ghanta Beauty treatments that are suitable for all skin types.

Beauty Therapy

Start this renewing experience with a soothing foot ritual to refresh your walk-weary toes. This will prepare you for an aromatherapy massage that calm your mind and evoke a feeling of inner peace.

90 Minutes IDR 1.000,000

Foot ritual - Aroma theraphy massage

Ghanta Beauty Ritual

This wellness ritual begins with a relaxing foot wash to cleanse your tired toes. It continues with a body massage performed with long strokes and applications of pressure to melt away all traces of muscular tension. A reviving soak in a flower bath will then ignite your senses ready for an inner beauty therapy using the art of touch to give your face an instant glow.

2 hours IDR 2,000,000

Foot wash - Body massage - Flower bath - Theraphy for face

Touch of Inner Beauty

For radiant looking skin, this unique face therapy focuses bringing out your inner beauty through the magic of touch. You will be lulled into a state of deep relaxation that will enable your true essence to shine through.

30 minutes IDR 200,000

Beauty treatment


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Ghanta Usadha


We provide a free pick-up and return service within Ubud, please contact us by email : or WhatsApp to arrange your transport to Visesa Healing Spa.

Please lets us know if you will be late. During busy periods, we will only be able to hold your booking for 15 minutes.

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