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Ngresisikan Rage

Woh Botanical Resik

Visesa Signature – Divine Tropical Fruits Aroma Journey – Rejuvenate & De-aging
The exotic aroma of tropical fruits Mangga (Mango) and Markisa (Passionfruits) will envelope your senses, meanwhile the cool gel of Tunjung flower (White Lotus) will pamper your skin face to rejuvenate it. Your skin emerges supple, smooth and glowing, while the tropical aromas deliver a wonderful feeling of the ultimate tropical spa experience.

210 Minutes IDR 2,500,000

Mangga & Markisa Scrub – Mangga & Markisa Body Mask & Head Massage – Tropical Flower Bath - Pangruktiang Raga Massage – Tunjung Putih Facial.

Jegeg Tunjung Wangi

Restore Skin Vitality for Healthy Radiant Skin
A complete face and body treatment using anti-aging corrective botanical elixirs to restore your body to optimal renewal.
All designed to restore the skin while recharging and rebalancing the body.
This exquisite strengthening moisture quenching Tunjung Putih flower (White Lotus), is ideal for revitalizing dull, devitalized and fatigued skins showing any signs of fragility or affects of stress. Tunjung Putih replenishes and rejuvenate the skin, resulting in deeply moisturized and repaired complexion. Leaving you refreshed and glowing with vitality.

180 Minutes IDR 2,100,000

Footbath – Kesumba Scrub – Tunjung Putih Body Mask and Head Massage – Flower Bath - Pangruktiang Raga – Gelis Yuwana Facial


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Ngresisikan Rage

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We provide a free pick-up and return service within Ubud, please contact us by email : or WhatsApp to arrange your transport to Visesa Healing Spa.

Please lets us know if you will be late. During busy periods, we will only be able to hold your booking for 15 minutes.

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