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Panca Bandawarta Manunggal

Panca Bandawarta is inspired by the hindu philosophy of panca maha buta which consists of five element : Pertiwi, Apah, Teja, Bayu and akasa ( eart, water, fire,air and sky). These Elements are combined in such a way to create balance in human life and neutralize negative energy.

Pertiwi Ring Sarira

A unique holistic treatment to awaken and rejuvenate the skin while recharging and rebalancing the body. The healing black magma moor mud is rich in natural vitamins, enzymes and minerals.Ideal for those prone to aches and pains, fatigue and exhaustion o0r just need grounding to restore strength and inner balance

90 Minutes IDR 1,700,000

Hot Towel Ritual & Moor Mud Scrub – Holistic Moor Mud Body Mask & Massage

Apah Ring Sarira

Vichy Shower and Warm Form Massage

Apah ring sarira is hydrotherapy treatment in form of high pressure of shower which the temperatur and muscle point could be set accordingly. Completed with warm foam massage to reduce stree and body tension

90 Minutes IDR 1,900,000

Vichy shower ~ warm form massage

Teja Ring Sarira

Fire Andesite Stone

Teja means heat,Teja ring sarira is majestic massage by using warm oil and done over marm andesit stone which help to reduce body tension and rheumatism

90 Minutes IDR 2,100,000

Warm stone bed with warm oil massage

Bayu Ring Sarira

Pranayama Energy Massage

The Unique body therapy derives from the ancient natural medical system called pranayama. Bayu Ring sarira or pranayama energy massage has a profound impact on the nervous system. That means, the treatment directly and immediatly calm, relaxes and has a cleansing effect on the mind and nerves

90 Minutes IDR 1,500,000

Pranayama energy massage

Akasa Ring Sarira

Green Bamboo Massage

Akasa is natural componen of space, bamboo it self has space inside and its function is to manage stress, it is also known and use to relieve many specific problems, including the migraines, Low back Pain, Post injury rehabilitation, circulatory Problems, Whiplash, Leg aches, Respiratory Problems, tendonitis/bursitis, Arthritis-neck and shoulder pain.

90 Minutes IDR 1,500,000

Green bamboo massage


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Healing Retreat

We provide a free pick-up and return service within Ubud, please contact us by email : or WhatsApp to arrange your transport to Visesa Healing Spa.

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